The Sunday Coffee Klatch – Vol. 1

Every Sunday morning we love making coffee, sitting on the couch, and chatting together. In fact, some of our best conversations about relationships have come out of this weekly sunday coffee klatch (that we actually call our coffee clutch because it makes us feel less like two old church ladies).

With the launch of Our First Drink we want to share that conversation with you so every week we’ll send out a quick relationship question that we’d love to get your answer to.

So grab your favorite mug and think about this week’s question…

This week’s question

If you’re married / engaged / etc…
What was the last aspect of your relationship that you discussed with your partner? → Tweet this.

If you’re single or dating…
What do you worry you’ll have to give up by being in a long-term relationship? → Tweet this.

To Participate in the Sunday Coffee Klatch

All you need to do to participate is to share your answer on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #OFDCoffeeKlatch or send us an email at hello A T ourfirstdrink D O T com

Best, Josh and Stasia

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