The Sunday Coffee Klatch – Vol. 2

Every Sunday morning we love making coffee, sitting on the couch, and chatting together. In fact, some of our best conversations about relationships have come out of this weekly sunday coffee klatch (that we actually call our coffee clutch because it makes us feel less like two old church ladies).

With the launch of Our First Drink we want to share that conversation with you so every week we’ll send out a quick relationship question that we’d love to get your answer to.

So grab your favorite mug and think about this week’s question…

This week’s question

What’s your favorite getaway within 45 minutes of your home?

Josh and Stasia’s Answer

We’re homebodies. Sure we like to get out and have adventures, but at our core, we both just really enjoy being in our home and enjoying our time together.

As much as we like our own space though, getting away and taking a break together can be so refreshing for your mental health and is always a great opportunity to build lasting memories.

But that doesn’t mean that “getting away” has to be a huge, long, and expensive vacation.

In fact, some of our favorite spots are actually pretty close to home. For example, we make it a point to head to Sundara Inn and Spa at least a couple times a year.

Even though it can be pretty pricey per night, because we only live 45 minutes away a one day getaway at this amazing place is incredibly refreshing for us. Plus, because we have gone so many times now that it has become a place with a lot of great history and memories for us.

Wherever you live we hope that you have a special place that’s close to home. If you don’t, think about what kind of activities refresh you the most and then start thinking about what’s within a short drive from you.

Who knows…one of your favorite places in the world could be closer than you think!

Best, Josh and Stasia

To Participate in the Sunday Coffee Klatch

All you need to do to participate is to share your answer on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #OFDCoffeeKlatch or send us an email at hello A T ourfirstdrink D O T com

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